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Preparing for your Home Improvement

Genesis Roofing and Construction wants to help you prepare for your Home Improvement project! 

Whether it’s a new roof replacement, siding installation, gutters, or internal construction, we want to ensure that you are as happy with the process as you are with the finished project on your home!

While projects may vary, this is based on the average home.  Genesis Roofing and Construction will help manage your expectations by letting you know why your project may need less or additional time based on the details and layout of your scope of work.  Open lines of communication are a must during your project.  And we also know that weather is unpredictable.

If you have an additional questions, then please contact us:

630-253-5929 or 630-723-6910

How to choose a contractor.

Building your dream home, renovation a current home or installing a new roof are some of the most exciting things you’ll ever do, but all that excitement comes with a lot of responsibility. Hiring the best general contractor for you and your project is an extremely important decision. That choice will determine the quality of craftsmanship and will minimize emotional stress and unexpected costs. Bringing in the right contractor early in the design process is one of the most important ingredients in staying on budget and on schedule during construction.

Here are five simple steps to help you hire the right contractor for your project.


1. Get referrals. Talk with people you know and trust. Your friends or other general contractors that you have used in the past are an obvious  choice however, neighbors, lawyers, real estate agents and others who have built projects similar to yours are great options too.

Browse professional listings to find general contractors in your area. Check out their reviews and browse photos in their portfolios on their website or FaceBook page to see how their work lines up with the scope of your project. You can even message them to get a conversation going. 

Are there recently completed or under-construction projects in your area? Ask the owners about their contractor and the working relationship they have with him or her.
2. Verify licenses. Make sure your contractor candidates are licensed and in good standing with your state license board. Ask to see the contractor’s pocket license, picture I.D. and certificate of insurance. 

Proper licensing demonstrates a company’s best practices management, but hiring a licensed contractor will also protect you. For example, worker’s compensation insurance is a contractor’s responsibility, not a property owner’s, but that’s not the case if a contractor is not licensed or does not carry proper insurance. 

3.View recent work. After looking at a contractor’s portfolio, request to visit a few projects similar in size and style to yours. Try to check out one that was recently completed, one that’s under construction and one completed five to 10 years ago. Ask yourself:

  • Does the work carry a warranty, and are problems corrected?
  • How does the construction site look?
  • Did the older finished project stand the test of time?

4. Check references. Ask for a list of references. In private, discuss with previous clients their experiences working with the contractor. Sample questions to ask the references:

  • Was it a pleasant working relationship?
  • Did they and the contractor communicate well?
  • Was the contractor fair and honest?
  • Was the project completed on schedule and within budget?
  • Were there extra costs or surprises?
  • How were problems handled?

How was the quality of craftsmanship and follow-up?

5.Understand the contract. Decide on the contractor you wish to hire and while your plans are in the permit-review process, discuss the different kinds of contracts available and ask for one to review.

  • Ask for updates to the construction bid if plans change for any reason.
  • Be aware that there are always unknowns in the construction process that create change orders and additional costs. This is normal. Expect it. Allow 5 to 8 percent of your total budget for these extras. With good planning, design and management, they can be minimized.

There are far more reputable, honest and hardworking contractors than there are the slapdash, fly-by-night operations we read about in the news. With proper planning and research, you will find the perfect contractor for your project. Invest the time and remember that spending a few extra dollars in the beginning could save you thousands of dollars in the end.


***Always keep in mind that the LARGER the company is not always the best fit for you and your project*****


Algae Growth

Caused by growth of airborne algae deposited on roof. This does not affect the service life of the material. A common problem in warm, humid climates. Algae resistant shingles available regionally.


The bending and twisting of shingles can be caused by lack of ventilation. Can also be caused by improper number of fasteners.


Caused by moisture in shingles. Caused by excessive use of asphalt plastic cement.

Missing Shingles

Caused by improper fastening and, also, from exposure to high winds. This problem can usually be solved by replacing individual shingles.


Decaying shingles caused by absorption of moisture by mat at the core of the shingle. This is a common problem with organic-based shingles.

Missing Granules

Excessive loss of grains and particles in aging shingles indicates the need for replacement. On newly applied shingles, a certain number of loose granules is normal.

Damaged Flashing

Damage to the protective layer around the base of the chimney can be caused by drying and cracking, and, also, by improper installation. This can usually be repaired without replacing roof.


Several things contribute to warped shingles. Improperly applied felt, lack of ventilation and/or movement in deck can cause buckling.

Ceiling Spots

Dark water spots on the ceiling or in the roof are caused by leaks in the roofing system. Need to check roof for damaged shingles and attic/crawl space for leaks in deck. Look for cracks in flashing around chimney and vents. On rafters, check for leaks that travel away from original source.

What to expect prior to and during roofing construction.

What the homeowner must do: (prior and during construction)

  • Please remove any valuables, flower pots, bird feeders, furniture, wind chimes etc, from the yard and porch area to decrease the possibility of damage.
  • Although we do our very best to remove ALL nails from your yard, this task is impossible. To ensure we get as many as possible after your installation, we ask that you have your yard mowed very short the day before we come.  Shorter grass = easier access with our magnet roller to grab them.
  • Please be sure to provide a standard 3 prong power supply for a hand saw and water outlet.
  • Please remove any valuables from interior walls, mantles, etc. Although unlikely, vibrations from construction may cause your valuables to fall.
  • Make sure no vehicles are in the driveway or garage when we arrive to start your project so we don’t block them in. It is very difficult to move once our crews have set up.  We suggest parking far from your home as our crews have up to 4 work vehicles that need to be as close as possible to your home.
  • Notify us of any new air conditioning work and if any of the air conditioner lines are run in the attic. If we are not notified, we are not responsible.
  • Keep small children inside or away from work areas at all times.
  • Disarm home alarm system.  Vibrations may trip it.
  • Please do not use sprinkling system the night before construction.
  • Cover objects in attic as they will get very dusty. 
  • Put up or cage all outdoor pets. We must have access to the backyard and don’t want anyone to get hurt, including pets.  During construction, please do not let your pets run freely in fenced yard as our crew may leave gate open for ease of their hard work.

What the homeowner must do: (after construction)

  • Check to make sure all gates are closed before letting pets or small children out.
  • Keep an eye open for overlooked nails.
  • If you can, leave permit visible in window until city does final inspection.
  • Check furnace and hot water vents to ensure they are connected at the unit.  (they may come loose when we install new vents) 

What Genesis Roofing and Construction will do:

  • Our best to protect shrubs and flower beds around the house. We cannot guarantee there will be no damage to small greenery.  We use plastic tarps to drape your property.
  • Block the driveway for the day with a trailer or dumpster to carry off the old roofing and other waste.
  • We will use protective material on your driveway to not compromise its durability and appearance. 
  • Make a lot of construction noise and cause the house to vibrate a little.
  • Send out extra materials. At the end of the job, there is a possibility that there will be a surplus. The materials will be picked up by Genesis Roofing and Construction or our supply company.
  • We will not automatically replace chimney flashing or skylight flashing unless it is damaged.
  • Remove the Satellite Dish from the roof to install the new roofing. If feasible, we will reinstall the dish after roof is complete.  (We cannot realign it.  This is an appointment that the homeowner has to set up)


If below doesn’t answer your question, please feel free to contact us with any inquiries you may have.

Will GENESIS be able to help me with my insurance claim?

We specialize in insurance claims. We pride ourselves on being very knowledgeable about the storm damage side of the insurance industry, so we’d be happy to walk you through the process of determining whether or not you have a claim, to actually making the claim, meeting your insurance adjuster, receiving a settlement, and starting the construction process.  We guarantee you a “Hassle Free” claim process.   We will also provide you with past insurance claims customers information for references if you need it.

My insurance company told me I don't need a new roof, but everyone in my neighborhood seems to be getting one. Can GENESIS Roofing offer a second opinion?

We’d be happy to give you a second opinion as well as a free inspection. Over time, storm damage may become a lot more apparent; if this is true in your case, there could still be some options for you with your insurance company.

Does GENESIS Roofing require a down payment?

We require a deposit of 50% of your proposal upon delivery of materials to your property. We very rarely ask for a payment prior to that.

Does GENESIS Roofing offer financing plans?

We currently do not offer financing.

Does GENESIS Roofing accept credit cards?

We currently accept most major credit cards through the secure network of PayPal, but we must add a service fee to all invoices paid with a credit card.  You do not need to have a PayPal account to use this hassle free process for payment.

What types of roofing does GENESIS install?

We roof both residential and commercial property. We can and do install almost every kind of product that exists in the marketplace, and we have experience ranging from very steep churches, houses, and apartment complexes to low-pitch office buildings and industrial spaces.

What types of siding does GENESIS install?

We typically install vinyl siding, but we’ve installed quite a few other types of siding as well. Most of our siding business is generated from storm damage, which is catastrophic to vinyl siding by nature. Our availability and capability to complete other types of siding varies by season and weather.

Besides roofing and siding, what other work can GENESIS do for me?

We are licensed with the state as a general contractor, which means we can legally complete many, many different trades for you. However, the roofing, gutters, and vinyl siding segments of our business stays extremely busy between April through October.  That is what have kept us busiest over the years, so we’re closest to local subcontractors who work these trades. If there’s other work you’d like to have done, especially in your home through the fall and winter months,  please feel free to ask us about the project and we will see about fitting it in the schedule as well.

What kind of warranty comes with a purchase from GENESIS Roofing?

All of our workmanship comes with a two-year warranty. Manufacturers’ warranties vary but are never less than 25 years. We can supply you with literature about the warranty information when we come to measure your home.

Once I've worked out all the details, how long will it take GENESIS to begin work on my project?

Geoff the owner of Genesis should be able to give you an initial timeframe as well as keep you informed on the progress of your project. Note that product availability from suppliers, weather, and holidays can all impact the timing and completion of any roofing project.  Sometimes certain cities have rules we need to abide by when it comes to external constructions as well.

How long will it take GENESIS to install my new roof?

Most average-sized houses take one to three days depending on a host of different variables. In most cases, though, Geoff the owner will be able to provide a time estimate based on your unique circumstances.  Open lines of communication are a must through the whole process as unique circumstances my occur.

What if there's a chance of rain the day my roof is to be installed?

It’s our job to be ready and prepared for the most troublesome of weather conditions. We take utmost caution when making decisions, but we strive to complete as much work as possible without compromising safety or quality.

Why are the roofing materials stored on my driveway instead of on my roof like others I've seen?

In most cases, we believe it isn’t good for your house to be a recipient of “roof loading,” a practice that puts thousands of pounds of materials on one or two small areas of your roof.  We believe that fewer problems occur when we can ground drop the goods onto your driveway. Most of the time, these materials can be placed far enough away from your house to avoid blocking access to your garage.  Although we recommend that you remove any cars form garage or driveway prior to delivery as we will need the material as close to the home as possible.

Are your installers employees of GENESIS Roofing and Construction?

All of our installers are qualified sub-contractors, not full-time employees. Many of these subcontractors have worked closely with us since our founding.

Do I need to do any preparation before Genesis' installation crew arrives at my house?

Yes. We will need a vehicle-free driveway (and garage if you plan to use that car during construction) for our dump trailer and other equipment. Please make sure any vehicles will be parked a few doors down.  This allows for our crews who may have up to 4 service trucks and vans to park as close as possible during construction. Be sure to remove any fragile valuables from walls/wall-mounted shelves, too, as vibrations from the installation process could damage such items.

If you have skylights—even if they are not being replaced—please place a sheet on the floor, furniture, or other objects below them, as they will be, in most cases, lifted up and laid back down. This can allow debris to fall into your house. If you have a pool, hot tub, or ornamental fountain, please cover it as well.

Where does GENESIS Roofing purchase its building materials?

We work with a few local suppliers to obtain the highest quality products at the best possible prices. To ensure this is always the case, we do not limit ourselves to purchasing exclusively from one or two suppliers.

What should I do if I have a question or concern during work on my project?

Please talk to Geoff at 630-253-5929 at any time.  He also happens to be your project coordinator and supervisor. You can also call our office during business hours at 630-723-6910 and speak to Michelle the office manager if Geoff is unreachable.

What's the best way to say thank you to GENESIS Roofing for a job well done?

The very best thing you can do to thank us for a job well done is to refer us to someone you know. We have a rewards program where if you refer us to a full roof or an insurance claim full roof, we pay you cash from $100-$250.

The next best thing you could do is send us an email when your project is complete. The only way we can learn to better serve our customers is to know what we’re doing right and what we could be doing better—so we sincerely appreciate any feedback you’re able to provide.

The next best way is to review us on BBB, Angie’s List, Home Advisor, Our Facebook Page, or our Website.  A lot of potential customers do turn to these avenues to find a great contractor for their project.

By doing any of these suggestions, you are helping us become even more successful in the future.  We do not feel GENESIS can grow unless we plan to do something to polish our work after each project.  Please see the links below.


Angie’s List

Home Advisor

Our Facebook Page

Need a quality roofer for your next project?

See what Genesis Roofing can do for you.

Need a quality roofer for your next project?

See what Genesis Roofing can do for you.