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Insurance Claims & Repair



Get immediate storm damage repair following any severe weather in the Greater Fox Valley and surrounding areas. Most people think of tornadoes as the only type of storm damage, but straight line winds, hail – while not actually a storm, or excessive heat can also cause problems to your existing roof, siding or gutters.  When there is any breaching of your roof, your home or business is subject to structural damage.

Long term damage from water intrusion can also occur from mold, mildew and decay that are left untreated. Emergency remediation must be performed as soon as possible when problems from severe weather occur.

Professional Claims Specialist

We have discovered that the Chicagoland area has incurred considerable storm damage over the past five years. Due to these storms, many roofs have been damaged by hail and wind. Most of this damage is not visible from the ground and can only identified by a detailed inspection.

Moderate to small hail can cause permanent damage to your roofing system.

Hail damage, if present can lead to a roofing system failure while voiding manufacturer warranties and can result in full roof replacement by homeowner’s insurance.

Genesis Roofing and Construction is a full service roofing and restoration company and will repair all of the damages incurred in your loss including roofing, sheet rock & paint, flooring, siding, carpentry and much, much more. Give us a call at 630-253-5929 today to request your free inspection by our Professional Claims Specialist!

We perform storm damage repair after the following situations:

Severe thunderstorms: These can produce very high straight line winds in excess of 60 mph, causing shingles to lift and become separated from the underlayment. Continued winds will cause these the flaps to eventually break away from the decking. Because this separation is often unnoticed, as it is visible only when winds are blowing, you may not notice any problems until there is shingle loss. A quality firm will inspect your shingles before they blow away after a severe storm occurs. Do not delay – call a professional immediately after a storm.

Hail: Hail occurs during severe thunderstorms and can penetrate shingles, causing weak spots that can go unnoticed until leakage occurs. A professional inspection is the only way to determine the extent of hail damage.

Tornadoes: The ruin from tornadoes is devastating to those in the direct path. It is the fortunate homeowner who escapes with only the loss of a roof. Problems may also occur without being noticed by those near, but not directly in, the path. After a tornado, help your neighbors first, and then call a roofing contractor.

Trees and branches: Falling trees and branches can cause obvious harm to the shingles, but also hidden structural problems. Let a pro inspect not only the shingles but everything that lies below, in order to recommend necessary repairs.

The need for storm damage repair, and the type and amount required, can only be determined by an experience contracting company. Rely on us to identify and remediate any problems before they cause secondary problems and further distress. Call us immediately after the storm even if you think that there was no affect. Do not wait until the next heavy rain to learn the truth.

Insurance claims / FAQs


How do I know if I have hail damage?

Hail damage to your roof is not visible from the ground and can be difficult to recognize if you are not a trained professional. There can be obvious damages such as dents in soft metals (i.e. gutters, downspouts, aluminum siding, fascia, etc.) and holes or breaks in vinyl siding. However, it is recommended that a trained professional inspect your roof for you.

What problems can arise from hail damage?

Hail can impact asphalt shingles by loosening, fracturing, or removing granules. Over time, the hail impacted areas will expand and contract with seasonal temperature changes and create additional deterioration and granular loss. An absence of granules will result in no protection of the matting from sunlight, which will cause premature aging, possible leaks, and mold. In some cases, the results of hail damage will also void the shingle warranty.  This depends on the manufacture of the roofing systems.

How many estimates do I need?

It is not necessary to get more than one estimate. Genesis Roofing and Construction is experienced in working with all insurance companies and will make sure that you will not pay anything out of your pocket except your deductible. If a contractor gives you an estimate for less than the pricing determined by your insurance provider, you will not receive the difference. If we determine the repairs cost more than the pricing determined by your insurance provider, we will work with your insurance company to make sure they cover any additional costs.

What is the deductible?

Your deductible is a set dollar amount pre-arranged with your insurance company at the time you signed your policy which you are required to pay to complete your insurance claim. In most cases, deductibles are an even dollar amount: $250, $500, $1000. However, recently, some companies have switched to a percent value of your home or percent value based on the length you’ve had your policy. We can help determine your deductible with you if you’re still unsure.

Will my insurance premium increase if I file a claim?

Typically your premium will not increase because the damage to your home is the result of a natural disaster which was beyond your control. Rates are often determined based on the number of claims in the area, not based on your claim specifically.

What is my time frame for filing a claim?

Most insurance companies have a limited claim period. Typically, if you have all repairs completed within one year without filing a claim, they are not required to fully indemnify you for your loss. You should file a claim as soon as possible to make certain that all work will be completed before the insurance deadline and to prevent any additional damage.

If you have already filed your claim, be sure to check your time frame for completing work. Each claim and each company is different. If you think you’ll need more time to make your decisions, call your insurance company and request an extension. Most companies offer a one-time per claim six-month extension period.

What exactly does my insurance company pay for?

Initially, your insurance adjuster will give you an estimate to repair what he/she sees as damaged on your property: roofing, siding, fascia, gutters, windows, wraps, personal property. When getting an inspection, our experienced representatives are trained to find what your adjuster may have missed and help get your property fixed properly. Your insurance company will ultimately compensate you for repairs that are actually completed at your property based on the assessment and confirmation of damage from the storm or disaster.

Depending on how your policy is written, you may be entitled to additional repairs based on city codes. Some of these codes include felt and ice and water barrier on your roof or moisture barrier behind your siding.

A common misconception with insurance claims is that all of the money is the homeowner’s. As nice as that sounds, that’s incorrect. A homeowner is initially responsible for getting the repairs handled in a timely manner and payments issued to the contractor or repairperson. In many cases, you’ll receive several checks from your insurance company. Be sure to keep track of any funds you receive and allow a general contractor to assist in the process. If you choose to not have something repaired from your claim, your insurance company has the ability to not cover that item during the next claim.

How easy is it to file a homeowner’s insurance claim for storm/hail damage?

Filing a homeowner’s claim is fairly simple yet intimidating if you are doing it for the first time.  We like to compare it to filing an auto claim if you have ever gotten in an accident or fender bender.  If you were to get in an accident, your first step is to make sure you are safe, then call your insurance company and report that there was in fact an accident.  Just like your home after a hail/heavy wind storm.  You call them to report that there was possibly some damage due to a recent storm.  They will then send over your call to an adjuster.  That adjuster will contact you to come out to inspect your home.  Genesis Roofing and Construction will be there for you as a representative for you and your home.   We just need to be told when the appointment will be.  After the insurance adjusted inspects your home, in most cases, there will give you your numbers right then and there.   After that step is over, Genesis is your representative to contact the insurance company to finalize your repairs.  The check come to you directly form the insurance company.  You will just settle up with Genesis after the check arrives.  These steps are just like when your vehicle is in the shop being repaired.  The insurance company and the shop are the ones doing all the talking until you get the call to come pick up your car.  Just as it will be when you have a homeowners claim with your Roof.  Communication is the most important part of getting these steps done efficiently.  Genesis keeps the homeowner in the “know” the whole time the project is going.

Need a quality roofer for your next project?

See what Genesis Roofing can do for you.

Need a quality roofer for your next project?

See what Genesis Roofing can do for you.